What do we do?

Flood Control

Nolte’s water resources staff are leaders in the design of environmentally sensitive flood control and drainage facilities.
For over 50 years, Nolte has pioneered succesful flood control and drainage projects. Our area of expertise includes planning and design af flood control and drainage facilities, including channels, storm drains and detention and retention basins; open channel hydraulics, floodplain and floodway delineations and flood insurance studies; hydraulics of bridges and culverts; hydraulic and routing studies and water shed analysis; floodplain management plans; flood control and drainage master plans, and emergency bridge, roadway and pipeline replacement projects.

Our clients tell us ourservice consistently provides three things they find valuable. First, we save them time and money. Second, we work and communicate closely with our clients to integrate our processes. We continuosly find ways to work with owners and contractors more efficiently. Finally, our clients appreciate our effective use of technology.

Using the latest programming and modeling tools not only improves the effiiciency of our work, but also the effectiveness of our communications.