What do we do?

Residential Development

The challenge of residential development today is heightened by environmental regulation, Infrastructure financing limitations and public attitudes about growth. Nolte has the diverse Skills and experience to meet these challenges.
The knowledge we have acquired through our many years of experience and innovative problem solving can provide early recognition of issues and comprehensive, integrated solutions for development projects. Experience with, and sensitivity to the political, environmental and planning, facilities design and construction manegment of projects, allow us to provide our clients with value-added consultation services that are so necessary in today’s complicated land planning and entitlement process. Our experience also leads us to recognize that every client and every project is unique in their requirements. A good project results from clear, concise communications between the client, consultant, and the community. We spend time to understand our client’s needs and desires.

The materials we submit for approval are comprehensive, shortening review time. They are also founded on sound cost-effective design, incresing their likelihood of favorable reviews.

Land development projects demand expertise across many disciplines: planning, water sewer and drainage design, transportation engineering, structural engineering and more. We have broad-based knowledge in these fields and succesfully coordinate between our team of experts to develop workable solutions.

Since our beginning in 1949, we have provided design services for thousands of residential development projects ranging in size from 5 to 22,500 acres. Our experience ranges from total community design for master developers to providing infrastructure-related services for individual builders within a community. Nolte is commited to providing plans that are accurate, complete and timely.