What do we do?

Commercial Development

Commercial Development generates tax revenue and stimulate job growth, wich most communities Need. Unfotunately, development entitlements and plan approvals can be delayed by Environmental regulations, the avilability of infrastructure and agency indecision.
Nolte has the broad-based experience to break through these potential barriers. We understand that commercial development must move quickly through planning approvals, design and construction to be competitive.

We use partnering with our clients to develop technical solutions that achieve the ultimate goal: a succesful project. Our successes include diversity in project size and type (from site engineering and construction support for fast food restaurants occupying less than an acre, to land use entitlements and infrastructure master planning for business and office parks of several hundred acres).

Drawing together the necessary expertise from our multidisciplined staff, we form teams to succesfully complete complex projects. Because we’ve worked together many times, we are efficient and dilligent in moving projects forward.

Our engineers use the latest software for design, hydrology and surveying to provide our clients with accurate information. All of our offices are networked , we can immediately provide our staff and clients with pertinent information and data. We are commited to quality and pride ourselves on providing exceptional client service.