What do we do?


Our Field and office staff are trained to use the latest surveying technology efficiently and Accurately to meet our client’s needs.
Using Global Positioning System (GPS) allow us to perform numerous surveying tasks, including geodetic control networks for project control and aerial mapping with centimeter accuracy. We also provide Geographic Information System (GIS) data collection and have the ability to deliver the final product directly to your computer system in a variety of digital formats.

Whether the project is a complex construction staking survey or a small boundery survey, it brings with it the most exacting of surveying equipments Nolte’s survey crews and office survey staff have developed a combination of high production techniques and quality controls that assure cost-effective and timely completion of our client’s projects.

Nolte’s survey crews are equipped with the latest in data collection technology that allows for the collection and coding of points and the layout of construction staking tasks. Our data collectors are capable of providing field to office design/topographic surveys and performing field calculations.

When match with our GPS or Robotic Total Stations, we are able to provide a field surveying system that is flexible enough to allow for changing field conditions.